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Mohammed Al- Tarawneh P.E.

US Address

1353 Atkins Trimm Blvd.              

Birmingham, Alabama, 35226

 Home Phone: (205) 979-4405

 Cell Phone: +962-79- 5555 850



Jordan Address             

P.O.Box 840560

Amman, Jordan 11184

Home Phone: +962-6-5523960

Cell Phone: +962-79-5555850




With over 25 years experience in both public sector and international development, Mohammed Al-T

arawneh is a highly experienced senior Director.  Having worked as the Director of Special Building Codes at the Greater Amman Municipality; Chief Advisor to United Nations Special Rapporteur on Disabilities in Doha-Qatar; Country Director for International Foundation for Elections Systems (IFES) in Jordan; Senior Technical Advisor\Manager with ARD (Jordan Local Governance Development Program) and as a Civil Engineer in the USA, Mr. Al Tarawneh has gained tremendous experience developing, managing and implementing donor funded projects by the US Government, United Nations, European Union and other agencies. He has extensive knowledge of Governance, Democracy, Elections and human rights issues and field experience in advocacy for accessibility and political participation of marginalized groups and vulnerable groups (i.e. women, children and people with disabilities). Mr. Tarawneh was elected Nov. 3rd, 08 by member states at the UN head quarters as one of the twelve   international Experts for the latest Human Rights treaty that entered into force recently “Convention of the Rights of People with Disabilities’ (CRPD). In February, 09, Mr. Al-Tarawneh was elected as the founder Chairperson for the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities during the Committee first ever meeting in Geneva at the UN-OHCHR HQ . In June, 2009, Mr. Al-Tarawneh was elected as one of the two Vice-President of the ICM (U N Chairpersons Inter Committee meeting) at OHCHR HQ in Geneva. In 2004, he was also appointed as a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for Peace and Development by WAFUNIF.  He has experience coordinating and liaising with government agencies, civil society organizations, NHRI (capacity building, empowerment, networking, Training of Trainers (ToT) and sustainability), and local government officials in the areas of democracy and governance, capacity building, awareness raising, poverty alleviation, community development and mobilization, Gender Integration & Youth Participation , Urban planning/policies, conflict/post conflict resolution,  and sustainability of programs including monitoring and evaluation.  

He is well traveled and has extensive knowledge of Middle East and North Africa region. Mr. Al Tarawneh has an M.A. Degree in Peace Diplomacy and Development.  He speaks fluent English and Arabic.


M.A., Peace Diplomacy and Development

B.Sc., Civil Engineering



Jordanian American


Work Experience

Chairperson, (Feb, 2009-Feb, 2010) UN Committee on the Rights of People with Disabilities.


First Vice-Chair (Feb 2010-Dec, 2010) UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights (OHCHR), Geneva


Jan, 2009- Dec, 2012 elected member of the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities to monitor the implementation of the Convention of the Rights of People with Disabilities (CRPD). During the first Committee meeting Feb, 09 in Geneva at OHCHR, I was elected as the Founder Chairperson for the Committee. The Committee has a wide mandate by providing technical assistant to State Parties who signed and ratified the treaty, look on to country reports as will as shadow reports and receive individual or group complaints under its optional protocol. The Convention entered in to force May, 08 and it is the latest Human Rights Treaty in the 21st century.

Vice-President (ICM), UN Inter-Committee Meeting for all UN treaty bodies. Elected as one of the two Vice-President for the ICM during the ICM (Chairpersons Inter Committee meetings) took place in Geneva at OHCHR June, 09.

Dec, 08 – Present CEO, Cross Borders Development Consultancies, Inc.

Cross Borders Development Consultancies (CBDC) is an international development consulting firm based in Jordan.  Through innovation, leadership, and local networks, CBDC helps governments and donor agencies in the Middle East/North Africa (MENA) region to create the essential conditions for successful democratic development.

Established in 2008, with the vision to support the sustainable development of democracy and governance and promote equity in the MENA region, CBDC provides high quality consulting services in the areas of Human Rights, elections, governance, civil society, analytical assessments and services, anti-corruption, gender, women and youth empowerment, and improving the lives of the disabled and vulnerable groups. CBDC also provides critical expertise and tools to foster local economic development and enhance citizen participation in development planning.

A core group of senior DG technical and management experts, with extensive experience working for USAID, World Bank, United Nations, and the European Union in the MENA region, formed CBDC to promote more transparent and accountable governance, increase the development of an effective and active civil society, and support more democratic elections.

June 2007– Dec, 08     Senior Technical Advisor\ Manager, Election Participation & Gender Integration Component, Jordan Local Governance Development Project. ARD, Inc.

Supervise the design, implementation, and monitoring & evaluation of a $16.5M program to empower local governments and enhance citizen participation in local level decision-making in nine municipalities.  The Component has two complementary components.  The first is to increase participation in local elections, with an emphasis on women and youth and the second is to increase participation of women and youth on development issues at the municipal level.   I was responsible for the supervision of 3 full-time electoral and gender experts, short-term international consultants and local firms and organizations in order to achieve results for the MCC Threshold Program. Serve as spokesperson and as a liaison with USAID, local government officials, royal NGOs and civil society leaders.


September 2004 – April 2006   Country Director  International Foundation For Election Systems (IFES)/Jordan Regional Office / Chief Expert on Disability and vulnerable groups for Disability Voter Education Program in Iraq funded by USAID . IFES is Nonprofit, nonpartisan international organization founded in 1987 that supports the building of democratic societies through providing technical assistance in many areas such as rule of law, electoral laws, political party laws, civil society, civic education, human rights, disability and conflict/post conflict resolution. Positions included:

 Managed day-to-day programmatic, personnel, financial, and administrative affairs of IFES/Jordan. Responsibilities included:

  • Overseeing field office expenditure and ensuring submission of bi-weekly financial reports to Headquarters.
  • Recruiting, vetting, hiring, and orienting new local staff.
  • Conducting thorough periodic staff performance evaluations.
  • Working with staff to set and meet professional goals.
  • Establishing a transparent work environment in which all members of the IFES/Jordan team interact through open communication channels.
  • Ensuring active staff participation in program activities.
  • Hiring local consultants to conduct clearly specified tasks within IFES/Jordan scope of work.
  • Establishing contacts and working relationships with local civil society organizations, with the objective of representing the IRAQ EVER project and facilitating an expansion of IFES’ scope of activities in Jordan.
  • Developing proposal/concept papers for new activities in the region that falls within IFES mission.
  • Serving as Liaison with governments, U.S. Mission, USAID, MEPI, UN, EU, World Bank, civil society organizations, and international and local NGOs.
  • Developing and implementing voter education materials and mass media messages for Iraqi’s with disabilities.
  • Identifying and community mobilizing, capacity building and awareness rising of Disability Iraqi CSOs.
  • Managing small grants program for Iraqi CSOs.
  • Designing and developing proposals and fundraising activities for IFES/Jordan office.

  • Consultant with IFES during the Regional Office set up and registration process in Jordan. (August 1–September 15,   2004)

2003–May 2004   Special Advisor to the UN Special Rapporteur, The Office of Special Rapporteur on Disability of the United Nations Commission for Social Development Doha, Qatar. Assisted the Special Rapporteur on all matters and served as a deputy representative to monitor implementation of the Standard Rules on the Equalization of Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities adopted by the General Assembly in 1993, and to advance the status of people with disabilities throughout the world. Specific responsibilities included:

  • Developing annual action plan to monitor implementation.
  • Developing funding proposal for special project of the Special Rapporteur and for soliciting funds for the UN Voluntary Fund on Disability.
  • Organizing country visits for the Special Rapporteur that included meetings with governments, international NGOs, UN bodies, and other interested parties.
  • Building relations with government representatives (including national commissions on disability) locally, regionally, and internationally including appointing regional coordinators.
  • Taking the role of a spokesperson as necessary.
  • Traveling with the Special Rapporteur as requested.
  • Initiating a Web site for maintaining updated information.
  • Developing and advising UN bodies on disability policies as needed.
  • Examining policies of governments regarding matters of disability.
  • Soliciting NGO input on standard rules and disability policies.
  • Raising awareness of the standard rules in developing countries.
  • Helping to develop policies regarding accessibility in Qatar and the Arab region.
  • Making all documents and meetings accessible as necessary.
  • Working with the drafting committee on soliciting input for developing a convention.
  • Working with the panel of experts on developing a convention on the rights of persons with disability.
  • Developing a working relationship with the Higher Commission on Human Rights regarding the development of a convention on the rights of persons with disabilities.
  • Organizing local, regional, and international conferences as needed to develop regional positions.

1997–2003    Director of Special Buildings Code Department, Greater Amman Municipality, Amman, Jordan. Responsibilities included:

  • Implementing the overall accessibility and removal of architectural barriers from the planned environment.
  • Raising national civic awareness with relation to the American Disability Act (ADA) and the Welfare Law for the Disabled through the introduction of architectural modifications to existing and new structures.
  • Ensuring implementation of the U.N. Standard Rules regarding Persons with Disabilities and other international disability norms.
  • Developing Annual National Disability Action Plan and monitoring implementation.
  • Developing funding proposal for the Municipality/the Special Building Code Department.
  • Building relations with government representatives (including national commissions on disability) locally, regionally, and internationally.
  • Developing and advising national and regional bodies on disability policies and norms.
  • Developing a working relationship with the National Human Rights Center on Disability issues and on the development of a UN convention on the rights of people with disabilities.
  • Organizing local, regional, and international conferences and workshops as needed to develop a regional disability position.
  • Developing a national disability and human rights advocacy and awareness campaign.

1994–1996    President, Accessibility Construction, Inc., Birmingham, Alabama. Work involved the design of structures that meet ADA codes. Conducted feasibility and cost-effective studies on various structures to ensure they met ADA accessibility codes. Given scope of expertise on the removal of architectural barriers, served as a consultant for hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and other civil, architectural, and structural firms. General responsibilities included

  • Managing day-to-day programmatic, personnel, and financial activities of the firm.
  • Recruiting, vetting, hiring, and orienting new staff.
  • Establishing a transparent work environment in which all members of the firm intact through open communication channels.
  • Developing action plans for implementation of projects.
  • Developing proposals for various clients.
  • Building relationships with government and private institutions to expand work on accessibility.
  • Delivering working papers on accessibility and integration of people with disabilities.
  • Conducting seminars on accessibility.

1991–1994    Vice-President, Rust and Corrosion and Control Inc., Birmingham, Alabama.  I served as the Head of the International Marketing Division in addition to providing consulting services to several engineering companies to ensure the implementation of the ADA accessibility building code.

Main responsibilities included:

  • Managing day-to-day programmatic and financial activities.
  • Recruiting, vetting, and hiring personnel.
  • Developing proposals/concept papers for new activities in the Middle East region.
  • Establishing contacts and working relationships with Middle Eastern companies and facilitating an expansion of RCC, Inc. in the Middle East region.
  • Developing annual action plan for the company.
  • Representing the company and signing all sales and contracts agreements.
  • Organizing international seminars in the MENA region to introduce RCC innovative products.

1989–1991    Freelance Expert Consultant, United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia, Baghdad,        Iraq. Consultancies included:

  • Participated in working papers (on accessibility) in various regional and international conferences that focused on issues related to the welfare of disabled persons and provided a significant meeting point for cross-cultural exchange on projects and potential recommendations regarding the importance of accessibility and full integration and participation of people with disabilities in their societies.
  • Provided similar consulting services for the Jordanian Federation for the Disabled and the Iraqi Welfare Office for the Disabled.
  • Consultant for various local architectural and engineering companies, issuing guidance on the application of ADA codes and accessibility building codes on newly designed and existing structures.



1988–1989     Structural Design Engineer, Cecil John and Associates Inc., Birmingham, Alabama.


1987–1988    Consultant Structural Engineer, Norton Schmidt and Warden Consultant, Atlanta Georgia.


1985–1986    Junior Structural Engineer, Junior Designer, Bennett and Pless Inc., Atlanta, Georgia.

Involved in various design projects with a special focus on ensuring the implementation of ADA and accessibility building codes in warehouses, hospitals, hotels, schools, shopping centers and various kinds of public facilities.


  • American Society of Civil Engineers
  • Jordanian Society of Civil Engineers
  • American Concrete Institute
  • American Post-Tension Institute
  • Alpha-Mu-Gamma Honor Society
  • Jordan Federation for the Disabled
  • Iraqi Federation for the Disabled
  • Rotary international
  • Steering Committee Member Representing Arab NGO’S in the Disability Convention “International Convention on the Protection & Promotion of the Rights and Dignity of Persons with Disabilities”. 
  • Steering Committee member Children and the Cities Initiative
  • Steering Committee Member Poverty Alleviation Initiative
  • Steering Committee Member for Therapeutic Horse riding Club
  • Consultant Member for the Children Museum (Jordan) chaired by Her Majesty the Queen.


  • International Leadership Course "The role of Parliament in Democratic Governance" for the United Nations University from 12-17 March 2006, Jordan.
  • Key note panelist at the Berlin ITB convention on the issue of accessible tourism 11-14 march, 2010.
  • ICM Geneva 30th-Dec3rd Chairpersons meetings to find ways and means of harmonizing all HR treaties
  • Tunisia Key note speaker at the international HR conference and national implementation of the CRPD
  • Attended as an Expert on Reform Process of the United Nations Treaty Body System organized by the Ireland Department of States and Nottingham University. Dublin, Ireland Nov 18-19, 09
  • Attended as an Expert for the 2nd Forum of Minorities and Political Participation. UN- OHCHR Geneva 12-13 Nov, 09
  • Key note speaker at the OHCHR consultation on National Frameworks for the Implementation and Monitoring of the CRPD at OHCHR HQ, Geneva October 26th, 09.
  • Attended and chaired the 2nd session of the UN Committee on the Rights of PWD’s, Geneva October 19-23, 09.
  • Key note speaker as the Chairperson of the UN CRPD to the CRC 20th anniversary, Geneva 8-9 October, 09.
  • Attended and delivered a key note speech for the ENAT( European Network For Accessible Design) Vienna,  October 1st, 09
  • Delivered a key note speech and received an award of recognition From GAATES (Global Alliance for Accessible Technologies and Environmental Services, Vienna October 1st.
  • Attended and delivered a speech in the Council of Europe in reference to the establishment of the European Committee on political Participations and Public Life, 7-9 September, 09 in Strasbourg, France.
  • Attended the Second Conference of States Parties in United Nations HQ in NY and delivered a key note speech during the High segment opening session Sept 2-4, 09.
  • Key note speaker and Chaired the Environmental accessibility session at a conference organized by the League of Arab States in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 2-5 June, 09
  • Attended and delivered a speech on the importance of implementing the CRPD during the inauguration ceremony of the OHCHR training & documentation center, Qatar May, 09.
  • Presented a paper and participated in  a round table session at the University of Bristol Law School, England in conjunction with the UN-SPT (Sub-Committee against torture) May 21-23, 09.
  • Attended and delivered a key note speech and presentation on International Monitoring. Mechanisms for the UN CRPD at the National Human Rights Center in Rabat, Morocco May, 09.
  • Attended the Durban two Review Conferences and delivered a speech on the CRPD in relation to all forms of multiple discriminations including disability, xenophobia and all forms of discriminations April, 09.
  • Attended and presented a paper at the IPU (Inter Parliamentary Union) meeting in London April, 09.
  • Attended and presented a presentation on Children with Developmental Disabilities during the 5th conference on Children with Disabilities organized by King Abdul Aziz hospital, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia March, 09.
  • Attended the CRPD 1st Committee meeting in Geneva at the OHCHR HQ Feb., 09 during which I was elected as the Committee Chairperson.
  • Attended and delivered a presentation as a United Nations Committee Member on mainstreaming disability as a core Human Rights issue at the 5th Arab Parliamentarians held in Qatar during Jan, 09.
  • Attended States Party Conference at the United Nations HQ in New York Nov, 08.
  • Gender Analysis and Planning “ Local Governance Development Project” May 22nd, 08 Amman, Jordan
  • Advanced Monitoring and Evaluation Techniques “Local Governance Development Project” Jan 24th, 08
  • Training of Trainer (ToT) for Management & Supervisory Skills for Municipal Managers “Local Governance Development Project” Amman March 26-31, 2008.
  • Advance Participation Methods for Facilitators “Local Governance Development Project”.  21-23 October, 07
  • Member of the Mayor round table for the Amman Master plan 2025
  • Member of the Royal Committee on drafting the Jordanian Disability National Strategy 07\08
  • Winner of Al Sharejah prize for the outstanding disabled in the scientific field, 2001.
  • Attended several lectures, regional and international conferences.
  • Member of International Disability Caucus on drafting the international Convention on Protecting and Promoting the Rights and Dignity of Persons with Disability, and attended five Ad hocs at the United Nations, NY.
  • Advanced leadership training seminar.
  • Distinctive Manager in Dynamic Administration seminar.
  • General Coordinator of “Human Rights in the Third Millennium Conference.”
  • General Coordinator of “Removal of Architectural Barriers from the Planed Environment Conference.”
  • General Coordinator of “Children and the Cities Conference.”
  • Participated with a working paper in several regional and international conferences:
    • Arab Decade for People with Disabilities conference, ESCWA.
    • Second Symposium for Arab Architects.
    • Vocational Training Conference, ILO.
    • Conference on Equal Opportunities for People with Disabilities and Marginalized groups.
    • Children and the Cities, World Bank.
    • Human Rights in the Third Millennium.
    • Accessibility in Mega Cities.
    • Removal of Architectural Barriers for the Surrounding Accessibility and Integration for People with Disabilities.
    • Conference on Good Governance in Service of Distinction in the Arab World from 5-6 December 2004, organized by UNDP.
    • Conference on “Good Governance for Development in the Arab Countries, from 6-7 February 2005, Under the Patronage of His Majesty King Abdullah II (King Hussein Bin Talal Convention Center- Dead Sea).
    • Conference on Center for Defending Freedom of Journalists (Media & Good Governance), from 14-16 February 2005, Jordan.
    • Facilitated an IFES Workshop on “Public and Political Participation of People with Disabilities in Iraq,” from April 27–30, 2005, Jordan.
    • Iraq without Violence IFES Training, from 18-20 September 2005, Dead Sea, Jordan.
    • Attended Press Conference Under the Patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Mir’ed Bin Ra’ed on November 9, 2005.
    • Rehabilitation International Arab Conference, from 14-16 November 2005, Manama, Bahrain.
    • UNDP Workshop on Participation for People with Disabilities in the Upcoming Elections, from November 25–December 1, 2005, Yemen.
    • UNDP Workshop “Improving the Life Conditions of People with Physical Disabilities,” on December 14, 2005.


Ms. Dawn Traut

World Learning, DC

Senior Civil Society & Governance Expert


Mr. Richard Soudriette

President of IFES, Inc.

Richard@ifes.org or Rsoudriette@ifes.org


Dr. Zaid Mohasin

   Greater Amman Municipality

Director\Advisor Mayor’s office and Mayors Advisor



Dr.Homod Olimate

Professor, University of Jordan

Former Under-Secretary, Ministry of Social Development 



 Mr. Peter Michieka

Finance Manager\ RTI Iraq



Dr. Adnan Hayajneh

United Nations University

Senior Programmer Officer



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